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Listen – it´s emotional beyond words

Laud Listen offers a full range of high-end audio design and distribution solutions for a defined target audience.

Audio is an important tool for building good customer experiences. Creating a good atmosphere at the point of sale is imperative.

Everything about your business speaks to your brand image and impacts the customer’s experience, and few things are more important than the quality of your commercial sound system.

How do you want your customers to feel when they enter your doors? We do not think of branding as a purely visual experience, audio branding is equally important. Music is emotional, and goes beyond words. A great customer experience is one that customers take home, a good feeling that connects them with your brand and your business.

Laud Listen offers a full range of high-end audio design and sound system solutions which give you the power to create specific programming for a defined target audience.

Hotels, public areas, shopping malls, individual stores, restaurants, sport arenas, gyms, schools and auditoriums... The needs and locations are different, but our clients all benefit of high quality sound, crystal clear and tailor-made to perfection.

Tech talk: With our user-friendly interface you can easily switch between multiple inputs. By combining directional loudspeakers with the Laud Media amplifier delay function, you get a significant improvement in the sound experienced, and a reduced level of noise.

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