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Laud Media offers a full range of high-end audio design and distribution solutions.

What does that mean?

Let's break it down. Full range means that we take the audio all the way from any sound source to any speaker. We make all distribution modules and amplifiers in-house.

By high-end, we put an emphasis on the quality of sound. This is Hi-Fi principles and standards from the broadcasting industry taken out into the public space.

Audio design refers to our systems ability to tweak and sculpt the sound to each room and preference. Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) is built-in as a standard.

Our system is a scalable distribution solution that's modular by nature, letting you piece together just the right setup for your project.

How does it work?

Let's learn by doing. Using products from our Entertainment Audio System (EAS) we'll put together a small, basic setup for a one-room café. Our goal is to get sound from a tablet to a couple of speakers mounted in the ceiling.

Press Step 1 above to get going.

We'll connect the tablet's minijack output to the EAS-CP-V. It serves as an interface for our control software over USB, has a nice volume knob on top and will now convert the unbalanced audio to a stronger balanced signal inside our proprietary EAS-BUS.

This bus contains both audio, power and data communications within a single off-the-shelf CAT-6 cable, and can run as long as 50 meters (164 feet) between each module.

Now that we've got our bus, let's put it to use in the next step.

We'll use the EAS-NODE-4D as a central piece in our setup. This little guy can do many things, but we only need him to convert the power inside the EAS-BUS from 15 to 24 volts, which is the voltage our amplifier needs to power the two speakers.

Let's add an amplifier in the final step.

The small but great sounding EAS-AMP-30D is now easy to install since it gets everything it needs over that single CAT-6 cable. It has no trouble driving both speakers with its mono 25 watt digital amplifier circuit.

And that's it. We're done. No complicated addressing or routing, just plug and play.

Product line-up

Mono digital audio amplifier with DSP and delay
Input and distribution module with DSP for EAS-24 amplifiers
Input and distribution module with DSP for EAS-24 amplifiers
Powerful stereo digital amplifier with DSP and delay
EAS distribution amplifier with eight TRS outputs
Remotely controlled EAS distribution amplifier with eight TRS outputs
EAS control panel
EAS control panel with microphone input
High fidelity unbalanced to balanced audio converter with volume adjustment and USB
EAS headphone amplifier with six TRS outputs
EAS headphone amplifier with four individually controllable TRS outputs
EAS bus power inserter and spliter
EAS-bus splitter
High fidelity balanced to unbalanced audio converter
EAS system controller for multi zone audio configurations
High fidelity unbalanced to balanced audio converter
High fidelity SPDIF to balanced analog audio converter


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