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See – the benefits of higher quality

Laud See, our highly acclaimed HDMI distribution systems, are tailor-made for sales enhancing TV walls.

The system makes it possible to compare all televisions on the same source at exactly the same time. Your staff can easily switch between different, sources and make product comparisons easier for the customers. This enables the sales force to clearly illustrate the benefits of purchasing a TV with a higher quality and price.

See is operated with a user-friendly control panel, touch screen or remote control. It is easy to connect any source, like Blu-ray and media players and set-top boxes.

The system is scaleable to fit all stores. It is easy to expand whenever you need to change your setup.

Tech talk: Laud Media has designed a scaleable HDMI distribution system. The system is specially designed for distribution of uncompressed full-HD video to multiple destinations over CAT6. The systems are performing to the latest HDMI standards, has CEC, POE, and has full system control functionality. It is HDCP compliant.

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