Troubleshooting the TV- and PCM Demo

Last updated Aug 27, 2021 @ 17:28

Hi! Are you experiencing problems with one or more TV Demo-units in your TV department? Or maybe we have been annoying you with one too many e-mails saying you have issues?
You’ve come to the right place! 

Pssst, most of the points underneath does also comply if you have problems with the PC-monitors in your computing department.

First of all

Does everything look good to you? And yet, we are determined you have a unit offline? Then you might have disconnected a unit when selling or changing the product mix.
Please notify us by sending us an email with the serial number shown underneath the ProSelector D4 (you know, that cool purple HDMI-dongle-thingy). And store the spare unit securely for when you need it again!

The red square

A red square around the QR-code, usually supplemented with “Price last updated” in the overlay indicates that the unit in question is offline. 
The first thing you need to do is to restart the unit. Simply disconnect and reconnect the USB cable that is powering the unit.

The red square in question is located around the QR-code (top right corner)
  • If the red square is still present you need to connect a USB mouse (preferably a cabled one) to the unit. 
  • Using the cursor shown on the screen, press the top right corner. You should now see a status bar on the right side.
    • If all icons are green, you should stop now and contact us.
  • If one or more icons are red, press “Open Settings” and access the administrative parts of the application using the PIN code we have provided you by email.
Status bar on the right
Use the PIN code we have provided by email
  • Go into the Wi-Fi menu and check if the unit is indeed connected to a Wi-Fi network you are familiar with. If not, you might want to do something about it.
  • If the unit is online, but still displaying the red square, please contact us at once, have the ID of the unit handy.

Not even synchronized

  • If one or more TVs differ from the others. Meaning it is not showing exactly the same picture as all the other TVs there might be issues with your network.
  • First of all, you should check if the difference is in fact not intended. I.e. someone has changed the source or started a demo on the TV.
  • If it should be synchronized, you should start by restarting the unit. Simply disconnect and reconnect the USB cable that is powering the unit.

If that didn’t work you might want to contact us at this point.

The TV isn't complying, at all

Is there a specific model or brand that isn’t doing exactly what you want it to do?
You could check one or few of these things:

  • CEC (AnyNet, T-link) should be turned ON
  • Power saving, eco-mode and other modes that turn off the TV have to be OFF
  • WiFi have to be OFF when not in use
  • Demo mode, Shop mode, storage mode, store enviroment etc have to be OFF
    (set to Home mode)
  • Scanning for resolution should be ON (not AUTO)
  • The picture is 16×9, fit too screen.

Still lost in the jungle of TV menus?
Give us a call, we might have amazing skills in this aswell!

There is no picture, nothing

Do you have a black screen in your store?

  • First of all, please check if the actual TV is on and the correct source is selected.
  • Now check the ProSelector.
    • The purple dongle connected with a short HDMI cable, behind the TV.
    • Do you see a blue light on it, indicating that it is on?
      • If not, check the USB cable. It should be connected to a power source (usually the TV in question). The Micro USB connector should be connected to the short side of the ProSelector indicated by “DC” underneath. Furthermore, the short HDMI cable connected to the ProSelector should be connected to the TV.
  • Now, if the ProSelector isn’t showing the blue light it might be dead. Try changing the cable. If that doesn’t do the trick you need to contact us.
  • If the unit is indicating that it is on, and it is connected to the TV the correct way, but still isn’t showing any amazing images, try moving it to a screen you know is working. If you get a picture on another screen the TV itself might be faulty – we can’t help you with that.

If this didn’t help and you are still experiencing issues, we want to hear from you!