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See – the benefits of higher quality

Laud See, our highly acclaimed HDMI distribution systems, are tailor-made for sales enhancing TV walls.

Inspire – inform and entertain your customers

Inspire, our digital signage solution, makes it easy to inform, entertain and advertise to a wide audience on public screens.

Our digital signage solution offers a wide range of products from small signboards, interactive touch screens to large video walls, including hardware, software, installations and connectivity.

The system is operated on a local network or remotely over the internet. In store, players can be connected with cables and/or a wireless infrastructure.

Laud Media has developed a full range solution with media players, monitors and a software to manage the system.

Tech talk: You can start with one small screen, and grow to a big geographically system, with unlimited numbers of screens in each location. From the main office (central location) or local administration you can divide the screens into groups and easily update the content. Content can be scheduled to optimize your communication with customers.

We take care of everything

Laud Media design, develop, promote, install and support video distribution, audio distribution and digital signage solutions for a wide range of customers across Europe.

With a user-friendly interface our highly adaptable product line enhances the customer experience – and make your business grow.

Our company’s greatest assets are human capital and quality processes based on best practices, international certificates and close relationships with clients, suppliers and partners.

Together with our customers, we take care of everything from project planning, product development to implementation, installation, training and support. This full-featured expertise is our competitive advantage.

We take pride in offering customised solutions for our clients. The key to a successful project is a comprehensive understanding. We plan, organize, develop and follow the project through installation and beyond.

Listen – it´s emotional beyond words

Laud Listen offers a full range of high-end audio design and distribution solutions for a defined target audience.

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