Welcome to the home of all EAS training and resources. This ever-growing knowledge base aims to give both a broader and more in-depth understanding of the possibilities and inner workings of an EAS system, so that you can build and configure systems on your own.

EAS Admin

Application for setting up and configuring EAS systems. Windows only for the time being.

Get the full version if you want to install or make changes to an EAS system. The dashboard version only provides a read-only system overview.

General Understanding

EAS Admin Downloads

EAS Admin Full Version 2023-03-16 Download (~76 MB) Changelog: Channel routing in the Input module on supported amplifiers. In addition to DSP configuration reset and storing your changes, you can

An introduction to EAS

When you’re trying to understand a large topic, it can be tempting to start reading about the details, since there might be a resource teaching you to do that one

Feature Highlights


Get EAS Admin up and running

Single bus EAS systems will work right off the shelf without configuration, but if you’re doing a larger system that includes a SYSCON, several volume zones using FX panels or

Use FX panels to control volume groups

Within each bus you can group devices together to create “volume zones”. Let’s say you have an FX-panel on the wall and want to be able to adjust the hallway

Installation Examples