About Us

Laud Media design, develop, promote, install and support video distribution, audio distribution and digital signage solutions for a wide range of customers. We take care of everything.

The company is built up by people with over 20 years of experience from the high-end segment of sound and video distribution in the broadcasting industry. Based on that knowledge we have adopted tried-and-true technology to new markets. That’s what makes us unique – scalable systems for distributing signals without loss of quality to an unlimited number of locations.

Laud Media are experiencing constant growth. We have installed our sound and video distribution systems in electro retail stores all over Europe, enableing them to present their products at peak performance.

Also inside our wide product portfolio are solutions for digital signage, including distributed, managed content, using both passive and interactive displays. This is a stable and user friendly solution for visual communication that can easily be tailor made to the customers needs.

We see our customers.
We listen to their needs.
We inspire and get inspired.

Tailor Made Solutions

When you talk to us you are not a number or just another case. You have a name and a specific challenge that needs to be met with attention to detail. Just like a tailor would never give you a size M jacket and move on, we take pride in providing just the right fit.

Quality Assured

Since our products are designed, tested, configured and often installed by us, we can keep a close eye on every stage of the process. We strive to uphold the highest quality standards in all phases of development.

Plug & Play

Perhaps the most common feedback we get on our products is how easy they are to get up and running. And when they are, they keep running because of our modular approach. If anything is acting up, just replace it. No complicated addressing or programming. Plug and play.

The Price Is Right

We trim off the fat. Together with our partners, we focus only on what you need to get the best result possible, all the way from design and production to delivery. That’s how we produce a great return of investment.

With a user-friendly interface our highly adaptable product line enhances the customer experience – and make your business grow.

Our company’s greatest assets are human capital and quality processes based on best practices, international certificates and close relationships with clients, suppliers and partners.

Together with our customers, we take care of everything from project planning, product development to implementation, installation, training and support. This full-featured expertise is our competitive advantage.

We take pride in offering customised solutions for our clients. The key to a successful project is a comprehensive understanding. We plan, organize, develop and follow the project through installation and beyond.

Quality in every action,
done with an attitude of respect,
driven by innovation.