Output module for unbalanced analog audio

Analog balanced to unbalanced audio converter. The module receives power from the EAS-bus.

The EAS-RX-11 is a high fidelity audio converter that converts balanced to unbalanced audio. The audio input is the EAS-bus which also delivers power to the unit.


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Quick Start Guide

The EAS-RX-11 is a very simple module with one job: to output stereo unbalanced analog sound over RCA connectors. You would typically use it when connecting external sound equipment like recording systems or active speakers. In applications where a balanced signal is preferred, you might want to consider using the EAX-FX-RXLR instead.

Simply connect the EAS-bus and the module will output audio through the two RCA connectors. The module is strictly bus-powered, so confirm there’s a 15-volt power supply at some point along the bus by checking the LED indicator.


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