Output module for unbalanced analog audio

Analog balanced to unbalanced audio converter. The module receives power from the EAS-bus.

The EAS-RX-11 is a high fidelity audio converter that converts balanced to unbalanced audio. The audio input is the EAS-bus which also delivers power to the unit.

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage:
15 (12 - 16) VDC
Idle Power Consumtion:
0.4 W
  • EAS-bus (RJ45)
  • Analog Audio (RCA)
Frequency Response:
20 - 22 000 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD):
89x133x34 mm
107 g


Operating Temperature:
0° - 50° C (32° - 122° F)
Operating Humidity:
10% - 85%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature:
-40° - 70° C (-40° - 158° F)
Storage Humidity:
10% - 85%, Non-condensing

Regulatory Approvals

  • EN 55032:2012
  • EN 55103-2:2009
  • IEC 60533:2015
  • IEC/EN 60945:2002 + Cor1:2008 /EMC requirements only

IEC/EN 60065: 2014


EN 50581:2012


Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor

Manufactured by

Laud Media AS, Løkka 7, N-3271 Larvik, Norway

Data is subject to change without notice.

Quick Start Guide

The EAS-RX-11 is a very simple module with one job: to output stereo unbalanced analog sound over RCA connectors. You would typically use it when connecting external sound equipment like recording systems or active speakers. In applications where a balanced signal is preferred, you might want to consider using the EAX-FX-RXLR instead.

Simply connect the EAS-bus and the module will output audio through the two RCA connectors. The module is strictly bus-powered, so confirm there’s a 15-volt power supply at some point along the bus by checking the LED indicator.


  1. RCA analog audio out
  2. RJ45 input EAS BUS
  3. RJ45 EAS BUS loop
  4. LED power