Unbalanced to balanced audio converter with volume adjustment and USB

Single zone volume control, analog unbalanced audio input over minijack and USB interface for the EAS Admin system and DSP control software. The module requires external power and adds power and audio to the EAS-bus.

The EAS-CP-V accepts an unbalanced signal over mini-jack and converts it to balanced audio. It sits on a flat surface with a large rotary volume controller on top.

  • The USB interface lets you connect a PC for monitoring and controlling the entire EAS system.
  • It can be bus-powered or powered externally. If it’s directly connected to a power supply, it adds power to the EAS-bus.


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The EAS-CP-V resembles the EAS-TX-DA in the sense that it’s usually the module where everything begins. It’s typically used in one of these situations:

  1. As a table-top volume control with some type of sound source connected to the unbalanced analog 3,5 mm TRS input. From there it feeds audio to a single-zone EAS-bus.
  2. As a test device during installations, since you can easily hook it up to the EAS-bus somewhere, and keep some music playing while you configure the system via the USB interface.
  3. It also could serve as an ordinary input module for a multi-zone setup with an EAS-SYSCON-12, technically speaking, but note that the volume control is simply regulating the input volume from the unbalanced input. In other words, you would add a volume control that can’t be remotely regulated. In these situations, we recommend using an EAS-TX-DA and control panels.

Looking at the illustration above, you’ll see that both power and audio gets connected to the EAS-CP-V, for it all to melt together into one EAS-bus. You don’t have to connect a power supply, but then a power source needs to be provided elsewhere along the same EAS-bus.

If you want to make DSP changes or configure the system in other ways, simply install EAS Admin on a laptop and connect it to the USB-port on the side of the module. See the EAS Admin page for more information on this topic.

From here, the EAS-bus has everything it needs, so this unit alone with an amplifier and some speakers can be a system by themselves.


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