How to get a working internet connection on your ProSelector devices

Last updated Aug 31, 2022 @ 07:13

So you’re having trouble with an offline ProSelctor? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s do this step by step.

Important: First, we need to distinguish between the device itself and the network it’s trying to connect to. We can help you use the ProSelector device and getting it connected, but if your location has a faulty network or bad Wi-Fi coverage … that’s out of our reach. Sorry. If this is the case, you need to speak to the person responsible at your location.

And by the way, if you at any point don’t recognize the images and examples used, you might have an old app version. Click here to see older images and examples.

Now let’s get started!

Find the device in question

We have designed ProSelector to pretend everything is fine at all times, even when it’s offline. The show must go on, but offline devices will have a “blinking planet” on the screen. Look for it.

Enter the administrative part of the app

Touching the topmost right corner you should now see a status bar on the right side.


Have a look at the status icons. If one of them are red it is necessary to “Open Settings”.


Enter the secret code (you can find your code at the bottom of the email you got from us).

If you do not get these options, you might have an older version, see below.

Analyze the results

Depending on what the lights tell you, there’s a few possible scenarios:

 Local network
We need to connect to a network from scratch. Skip ahead.
 Local network
The device is getting what it needs to function on the local network, but has trouble getting through to the internet. Normally this means there’s a bad network configuration somewhere or your internet service provider is having trouble. Make whoever is in charge aware of this, as it might also affect other devices in your store.
 Local network
This suggests that our system is having down time. We’re most probably working on it already, but don’t hesitate to contact us. Check back in a little while.
 Local network
Great, your device is fully connected! Resume playing the content as usual, or if you wan’t to double check: press general on the left and change content to see if the device is able to download new stuff, then switch back if successful.

Connect to the local network

  1. Still in the network tab, press the network settings button below the lights. You’re now in the familiar Android Settings-app.
  2. Make sure both Ethernet and Wi-Fi is set to ON.
  3. If you’re using a wired connection and there’s a network cable connected to your ProSelector device, press Ethernet to see your settings. Not much to do here other than confirming the configuration is as expected.

    Take a look at where it says IP address. If it’s blank or begins with the numbers 0 or 169, then you know your device can’t reach the local network (more specifically the DHCP server), so it’s either a bad configuration somewhere or the actual cable isn’t fully patched from the device to the next network device (most probably a switch in a rack somewhere).

    You’ve found the problem, so this is where you stop reading and start fixing. Use this information when you talk to your local network administrator.
  4. If you’re using Wi-Fi on the other hand, press Wi-Fi on the left to get the usual list of available networks on the right. Select the most suitable network, enter the password and wait for a successful connection. When you get it, skip back to step 3 and 4.

    If you can’t get a working Wi-Fi connection, talk to your local network administrator about how to get your device online at that particular location.

Hopefully you now have a ProSelector device that’s fully connected to both the internet and our system. If you’re still experiencing some kind of problem or could not understand the guidelines provided above, don’t hesitate to contact Laud Media support.